How to Handle Thoughts of Divorce During Valentine’s Day

How to Handle Your First Valentine's Day After Divorce

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For some, it is a day to celebrate your relationship and acts as a reminder to show your significant other that you appreciate and love them. For others, it’s a day that can remind them of the unhappiness that they currently feel in their relationship.

Valentine’s Day Leads Many to Consider Divorce

While some couples are preparing for Valentine’s Day with dinner reservations and ordering gifts, others are researching information about divorce. What is sometimes referred to as the Valentine’s Effect in the legal industry, is an increase in people reaching out to a lawyer to learn more about divorce.

There are a few reasons why divorce is on the mind of many couples around Valentine’s Day, including:

  • High expectations: Valentine’s Day brings with it high expectations. When a significant other doesn’t meet those expectations, it may lead some to wonder if divorce would make them happier.
  • Final consideration: Valentine’s Day follows the busiest holiday season of the year. If a couple is already recovering from the stress of the holidays and things don’t improve by Valentine’s Day, they may begin the process of considering divorce.
  • Extra-marital affairs: Valentine’s Day can also uncover extra-marital affairs as people make plans or buy gifts for other people.
  • Holiday disagreements: Certain milestones throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day, can remind couples how different they are or how much they’ve grown apart. 

These are just a few reasons why Valentine’s Day brings up the consideration of divorce for some couples. For some, it may be a new thought, one that comes after they feel disappointed by their spouse’s way of celebrating. For others, it may be the last of a series of disappointments of previous events or celebrations.

Either way, it’s a perfectly normal thought. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and learning more about divorce to help you decide if it’s what you want. For some, it may be the behavior that you need to recognize that you and your spouse aren’t happy and that if you want your marriage to work, you’ll need to take action soon. For others, it may be a decision that you have already made but have put off for a while now. Either way, we’re willing to help you talk through this big life decision.

How To Navigate This Stressful Holiday

Valentine’s Day has been publicized and commercialized with commercials of people bringing home extravagant flower bouquets and presents for their loved ones. This can lead even the happiest of couples to feel disappointed when their loved one works late on Valentine’s Day or doesn’t meet their expectations when it comes to giving gifts.

The secret to surviving Valentine’s Day is to manage your expectations and make time for your spouse. What works for one couple may not work for another, so it’s important to consider the needs of your spouse and marriage. If you’re unhappy, this is a good time to bring up the conversation and make the necessary changes for happiness.

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