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Through my practice at the Law Offices of Daniel K. Newman, I have handled divorce and family law matters for many years. I have an extensive understanding of state laws and procedures, including New Jersey’s child support guidelines.




Child Support in New Jersey

You want what’s best for your children. This includes making sure they receive the support they need for important things like food, shelter, and regular living expenses. However, you also want to know that you are not required to pay more than your fair share. To best protect your interests, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the child support process. I can help.

In New Jersey, the amount of child support to be paid is determined by a series of legal guidelines. The complete text covers more than 100 pages of legal language, as well as complex charts. While these guidelines are available in law libraries, courthouses, and on the Internet, a lawyer can help you understand them in light of case law and other factors.

My Approach

I will carefully review any proposed child support order for compliance with New Jersey guidelines, verifying that all relevant income from both parties is included in the calculation. I can also assist you with requests for modification of an existing child support order should the income of either party increase or decrease substantially.

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