Divorce Overview

Divorce Lawyers in Camden County, NJ

New Jersey Family Law Attorneys Can Work with You on All Matters Related to Divorce in Camden County, Burlington County, or Gloucester County, NJ

If you are contemplating getting divorced in New Jersey, it’s a good idea to set up a consultation with an attorney who has practiced in this field for many years and who can give you insight about the specific New Jersey laws and rules that may influence the dissolution of your marriage. There are many complex issues that must be addressed before a divorce can be granted, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and distribution of property.

The Law Offices of Daniel K. Newman has assisted numerous clients with divorce and related matters in New Jersey. We know the courts in Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County and surrounding areas. And our knowledge of the local system has helped us achieve exceptional results for our clients. Contact us today by calling 856-309-9007 or by filling out the online form.

Hiring a Cherry Hill Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

You might know others who have already gone through the lengthy divorce process in New Jersey, but now it’s different because it’s happening to you. Right now, you may be wondering whether you need to retain a lawyer at this point in the process. Given that the outcome of a divorce will have a huge impact on your future and your life going forward, you need the insight of an experienced family law attorney who can help you to protect your rights and ensure that you have all of the relevant documentation organized when beginning the divorce process.

Resolving Key Divorce Issues with the Help of a Skilled Camden County Family Lawyer

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement without needing to go through a costly court battle, you may increase your chances of a timely resolution with minimal conflict or expenses. However, many people find that they cannot come to an amicable solution over hotly contested issues such as distribution of property or child custody. This is when talking to a qualified family law attorney can be beneficial.

If you use mediation or other some other form of alternative dispute resolution, you can still benefit from having an attorney at your side to advise you about whether a settlement offer is truly fair in your case. Your divorce is likely to be a highly emotional process and one that is extremely personal to you. Hiring an attorney will ensure that you have the full support of someone who makes you feel confident and comfortable and ready to handle the legal issues that lie ahead.

Get Dedicated Legal Help from an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Voorhees, New Jersey

You need to identify a lawyer who aligns with your personal values and who is also comfortable preparing for litigation or settlement based on your spouse’s selection of an attorney. If your spouse has selected a very aggressive attorney, you may need to respond in the same manner to ensure that your rights are appropriately protected over the duration of the divorce. Contact experienced Cherry Hill and Voorhees divorce lawyer Daniel K. Newman today for practical legal guidance about any family law issues.