Summer Visitation Tips for Divorced Parents

Summer Visitation Tips for Divorced Parents

Learning to adjust after a divorce can be a big task for many families. Furthermore, the change in everyone’s schedule during the summer months can make it difficult for divorced parents to plan. Follow these summer visitation tips to keep everyone on track and ensure both parents get equal rights to visitation schedules.

1. Discuss Vacation Plans Early

Vacations can disrupt summer schedules. If you have plans to go on vacation this summer, with or without your child, be sure to discuss your plans with your ex-spouse early.

2. Encourage Communication With Your Child

If your child is old enough to express their desires, involve them in summer plans. Find out if they want to visit your ex-spouse who lives in another state and for how long.

3. Fill Your Time When Your Child is Away

If you plan on sending your child to stay with their other parent for an extended period of time, know that it can take some time to adjust. Find activities and hobbies to fill your time.

4. Learn to Compromise

Compromise skills will become extremely important as you and your ex-spouse learn to navigate the first few years of divorce. Learn to give a little, and hopefully, your spouse will too.

5. Make a Checklist

Before sending your child off with their other parent, making a checklist of their daily needs can give you peace of mind. This includes things like allergies and dietary preferences.

6. Maintain Open Communication

Maintaining open communication throughout the whole summer can help both you and your child adjust. Encourage them to call you if they miss you.

The good thing is that technology connects us better today than ever before. Even if you plan on sending your child for an extended trip with your ex-spouse, you can easily stay in touch with them daily. Providing them with a smartphone, even if just for their trip, can help you keep in touch. It can also provide you with ease of mind that they can contact you if they need anything.

Open communication skills will become especially important over the summer break. Not only will good communication with your ex-spouse help you both plan for summer travels, but it can also help you work through any problems that arise along the way. It’s okay to discuss your hesitancies with your ex-spouse, who may be able to offer reassurance.

Plan Ahead With Lots of Communication

Planning ahead of time can help the whole family prepare for summer vacation. It can also help you and your family cover any needs. For example, if your child will be visiting a different state or country, it may be a good idea to send a letter to them. In this letter, include your signed permission allowing them to travel with your ex-spouse.

If you plan on traveling with your child without your ex-spouse, have them also provide you with a letter of approval. Go over medication and dietary lists to confirm everyone’s on the same page. Ask for a copy of the travel itinerary, even if your child is just going to visit your ex-spouse in another city. Find out how they’ll be spending their days and where.

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