New Jersey Child Support and Unemployment

If you’re unemployed and worried about your child support payments in New Jersey, a professional family lawyer from The Law Offices of Daniel K. Newman can help. New Jersey child support is based on the income of both parents. Judges set support amounts or make changes to existing orders according to the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. Our legal team can help you to explain these modifications and the requirements of the law when it comes to unemployment. 

Imputed Income

If the courts decide that an unemployed parent could be working or could earn more money at a better-paying job, they impute income based on the person’s previous salary or the average earnings of their occupation. Work experience, education, training and available jobs in the area are all looked at as well. Parents cannot avoid paying child support in New Jersey by quitting their job or refusing to look for a better one. 


If someone is unemployed because of a disability, they have to show proper evidence to the court, including medical records or workers’ compensation records. If the disabled parent is receiving workers’ compensation and/or Social Security Disability, they can base the child support amount on that income. However, if a disabled parent’s only income is disability, a child support obligation cannot bring a person down financially below 105% of the U.S. federal poverty guideline. 

Child Support Order Modifications

A job loss doesn’t excuse paying child support. However, a child support modification can be made to lower payments to a more affordable sum while someone is looking for a new job. This modification is only done if the parent can prove that this job loss is permanent or long-term in nature. 

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